Weird Things that Happen at our Schools: Crazy Days – Generation Justice

Everyone has interesting stories about days at school that go differently than planned. These stories, are no exception. The KUNM Youth Radio Project collected various stories about in-school experiences and here are a couple student’s perspectives. Read along while students describe particularly interesting days at their schools. School names, teacher’s names and student’s names are left anonymous. Several of these stories may strike you as relatable and several of you may even remember similar circumstances in your schools. If you have any experiences that you would like to share as readers, it is encouraged to share those stories.

It was a good day of 4/20, which is the day of National Pot Smoking Day. I thought it was going to be a good day at school but it turned out a little different. Since it was 4/20 a group of kids decided to lie and tell the cop at our school that this kid has drugs. After the cop got the news that he had drugs he called the kid up to his office. He searched him and found nothing. The officer soon realized that he sold the “drugs” to another kid. The kid that got searched was happy because he sold the “drugs” and got himself rich. The funny thing about it was the so called “drugs” was actually rosemary. The cop didn’t know it was rosemary until he realized later that it was rosemary. The “bright side” of the story was the kid who bought the drugs gave himself three days of lunch detention for buying the rosemary. That same day the cop ended up searching a lot of kids and two hundred lockers. The only thing you could see coming out of the cop’s office was kid after kid. I think the kid who bought the drugs soon realized that you’re not supposed to buy everything that someone offers you. Also, the funny part about this whole day is that everything happened on 4/20.