What I Care About [Blog] – Generation Justice
I care about my parents because they are the ones who brought me to this world. They get me anything I want. They take me to my basketball games and school. They help me in everything.

I care about basketball because this is “my thing”. This is what I want to do when I grow up. This is basically what I imagine my future to be. This is my life. This is my dream. Basketball is me.

I care about my friends because they help me through everything. They help me through tough times. They make me feel better. Friends are basically why I go to school besides education.

I care about school because school is what teaches me, and will help me in the future. Education is the most important thing to ever have in your life. It’s the basis of your life.

I care about my family because they inspire me to step through my whole entire life. These are the people who I really love and they are the people who will stay in my heart forever. A family is what I like to call a “team”.

I care about Palestine because Palestine is my roots. This is where I am from. My ancestors, my grandparents, and my parents are born there. I care about it because there isn’t any freedom there and it’s not the same like America. You have to fight for justice in Palestine and that’s what makes you a true human being. There’s only one way in my opinion to feel how to be a true human, and that is by going to Palestine and feeling the pain. The pain to be ruled over. The pain to be controlled. The pain of what it’s like to fight.

I care about Generation Justice because it has inspired me to do other things I never thought I could do. It gives me opportunities that I will maybe never get to do again. It gives me the opportunity to get my voice heard. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people. It gives me the opportunity to travel to other places and see how the world really is. Generation Justice is my home.

by: Bashar Jawad