Generation Justice Cultivating Leaders Practicum

About Us

GJ is a multiracial, multicultural project that trains youth to harness the power of community and raise critical consciousness through leadership development, civic engagement, media production and narrative shift in the areas that most impact New Mexicans- racial justice, health, education, early childhood development, and economic security.  GJ’s mission is to inspire youth to become multidimensional leaders who are committed to social transformation. In New Mexico, Generation Justice has been recognized as the premier youth media and leadership group, and locally and nationally, has been the recipient of numerous awards.

Generation Justice Cultivating Leaders (GJCL) 

This program will promote leadership development and skill-building in a number of areas including education, health equity, and racial justice, narrative shift and media to forge pathways towards economic stability for  New Mexicans.  

Positive youth development is at the core of our approach.  Through our work in the domains of racial equity, civic engagement, media justice, academic achievement and career development, youth build the skills and agency to shift the future of New Mexico. 

Each practicum participant will receive training from local and national leaders and collaborators and in turn will have opportunities to provide leadership development training to youth.

Who should apply? Do you need to build more skills to propel your career? 

Young Adults ages 23-29 who have some work experience; or graduate students; recent college graduates; or near graduates. Or, applicants with a background in community planning, organizing, civic engagement, media, communications, policy/political science or economics.

What will I gain? 

Each participant will complete the 15-month practicum with an increase in hard and analytical skills in the following areas:

  • Critical analysis of policy that determines current outcomes for New Mexico
  • Experience in developing narrative strategy and media production from a race equity lens that leads to narrative shift
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in diverse fields to build social capital, increasing opportunities in academia and employment
  • Understanding of key issues such as Early Childhood Development & Critical Race Theory specific to New Mexico’s history and colonization 
  • Data literacy skills and Social Media outreach aptitude
  • Experience conducting leadership & civic engagement workshops for Indigenous/youth of color from GJCL’s broader cohort

Duties and Responsibilities

The list of duties and responsibilities for participants includes but is not limited to:

  • 30 hour work weeks will include some evenings and weekends
  • Upholding high-quality social justice and media justice standards
  • Complete all assignments in the areas of Administration, Policy, Strategy, Outreach and Curriculum of the Cultivating Leaders Program
  • Meet the standards of Generation Justice in the areas of critical analysis, collaboration and implementation of projects
  • Participate in narrative shift campaigns and organizing. 
  • Participating in regular evaluation of the practicum (final evaluation is required for your final stipend award
  • Learn Production and radio broadcast skills: background research, conducting interviews, engineering, writing scripts, audio editing, music selection
  • Clear and constant communication on projects, deadlines, and ongoing activities
  • Active participation in a training program with local and national journalists, activists and policy leaders
  • Technical (pre and post) assistance on video productions
  • Weekly research and reading assignments to build social justice pedagogy
  • Regular reflections on work, trainings, and other program activities
  • Participation in local and national media and racial justice campaigns
  • Implementing best practices of Positive Youth Development while working with middle/high school youth 

In order to fulfill the duties and responsibilities, the Participants will be given support, guidance, and training and will receive compensation.

Professional Development and Training

At the local level, participants will be offered opportunities to learn from professionals in a broad variety of community issues in New Mexico: health equity, education, gender and racial justice, community well-being, Positive Youth Development, youth organizing, media justice production, and policy.  Participants will create media products (blogs/articles, radio segments, video interviews, and digital stories) related to these fields. Participants will contribute to GJ’s as well as increase social networks and capital to increase access to professional opportunities.

Finally, through weekly work with GJ youth producers, many of them young people of color in middle and high school, our participants will learn positive youth development practices and begin to mentor the next generation of youth leaders of color.  This intergenerational model allows a constant exchange of knowledge sharing and skills building. Ultimately, this ensures a steady flow of young, professionally trained people of color committed to reshaping the fields of health, policy, education, racial justice, and media in more equitable ways.

Terms of Award

The practicum requires 30 hours each week starting in September 2019 through November 2020. 

Practicum participants will receive a competitive monthly stipend and an additional award upon completion of the practicum and a final evaluation assessment.


  • Young Adults ages 23-29 who have some work experience; or graduate students; recent college graduates; or near graduates. Or, applicants with a background in community planning, organizing, civic engagement, media, communications, policy/political science or economics
  • Ability to dedicate 30 hours per week to the program-this will include some evening and weekends
  • New Mexican or current New Mexico resident 
  • Organized and able to meet multiple deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Commitment to race equity and gender practices and principles 
  • Excellent communication, organization and time management skills
  • Proficient in written communication this includes ing willing to provide a writing sample
  • Reliable, self-driven, and professional
  • Sincere belief GJ’s mission and core values

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong interest in New Mexico policy, politics, and socioeconomic issues 
  • Writing experience- good to exceptional writing skills
  • Commitment to social justice, health equity, and media justice
  • Experience working with youth 
  • Strong understanding of multiple social media platforms 
  • Interest in mentorship

Application Process & Deadlines // DEADLINE EXTENDED!!

Applications accepted through September 6, 2019. Applications should include: 

  • Application Form 
  • Resume
  • A cover letter specifically addressing the practicum description, duties and responsibilities, criteria and answering the following questions: How does racial justice intersect with leadership development in NM?  What do you have to offer to GJ? What is the area of leadership that you want to cultivate? Describe the value of young people to New Mexico? 
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your academic and work experience, areas of strengths, and areas where growth is needed.  Letters should include telephone numbers and/or email addresses for verification.
  • A short writing sample (Ex. academic paper, published articles, research papers, etc.)
  • If applicable, examples and links to your media work (e.g., radio broadcasting, audio editing, videos, blogs, photography, etc.)

Click here to download the application

Application deadline is Monday, September 2nd, 2019.

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