Adrian Rivas

Good Morrow, the name is Adrian Rivas. You spell it with A-D-R-I-A-N. In the name dictionary Adrian means a dark one. Ironically I am the darkest skinned child out of my siblings. I am left-handed. Statistics shows left handed folks tend to succeed in life better than right-handed folks.

Na, I’m just joshing ya. I am 16. 16 is an interesting number. The number 16 has a 1 and a 6. Therefore it is 16. I play some guitar. I believe that I am the next Eddie Van Halen. But everyone tells me I am not in the same level that Eddie Van Halen is in. Oh well, I guess the wheel has to keep rolling. Oh yeah I go to school at the <a href=””>Media Arts Collaborative Charter School</a>.

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