Brittany Tsosie

brittany-bio-2Yaa’tee’eh Brittany Tsosie yinishye’ a’don’nee’ nishlinigii Tabaaha nishli Haltsooi ei bashi’chiin Tachii’nii ei de shi cheii Todichii’nii ei de shi nali, Loka’in’tiil de nasha. Shima ei Mirielle Begay wolye doo shizheii ei Micheal Tsosie wolye. (Navajo to English translation) Hello my name is Brittany Tsosie. My maternal clan is Water Edge People clan, my paternal clan is Meadow People clan, my maternal grandfather’s clan is Red Running into the Water clan, and my paternal grandfather’s clan is Bitter Water People clan. I am from Ganado, Arizona. My mother is Mirielle Begay and my father is Michael Tsosie.

Brittany Tsosie is a seventeen-years-old junior and currently attending Nex+Gen Academy. Brittany is a sports fanatic, she plays volleyball and runs track. She loves to create art, whether it be theatre, or fine arts and presently is trying to teach herself to play the keyboard. Brittany is a big traveler and plans to backpack around Europe one day. Brittany joined Generation Justice in 2009 however moved away shortly after. Recently she came back to Albuquerque, NM and became an academic intern out of Albuquerque High School for the project. She sought to be a part of Generation Justice to assist in bringing it to other youth’s attention that their voices, opinions, and actions do play a role in the world.

Brittany plans to one day attend Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver Colorado as an Art Education Major. After she receives her degree, she wants to become an art teacher. With her art she hopes to inspire people to express themselves and cope in positive ways.

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