Derrick Toledo

derrick-bio-newI first came to GJ through advisement of a journalism professor. There was a final project due in Multimedia and Visual Communication which technically was my first major video production assignment. I choose to do my project on Native running. I feel like I put forward my best effort and left nothing on the table. Upon completion and presentation of the assignment, the instructor was proud of the work I did and made it clear to me. She made me realize how powerful my passion is and also instilled powerful journalism techniques in me. She was the one who connected me to GJ and the rest is yet to be written.

Elections Coordinator for Automated Election Services

·         Inventory control and tracking in warehouse and at field locations

·         Election tracking system preparation in computer and printer testing

·         Trained staff on system setup and gathering election data

·         Regional Coordination with customer and clientele at polling locations

·         Regional Election Day Support for tracking systems in multiple counties and proper use of NM certified tabulators

Volunteer/Producer for KUNM


·         Write, edit, deliver script for radio shows

·         Perform as (co)host, calendar host, and conduct interviews on live radio

·         Phone screen, prescreen guests and record interview audio

·         Create news packages with script, interviewees, ambient sound, audio clips

·         Operate, track and coordinate social media, blogs and web infrastructure

·         Control news and music boards for live broadcasts playing all required clips as well as required translator and legal IDs

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