Jakia Fuller


Hello, my name is Jakia Fuller. I am a 23 years old, African-American woman and I have been apart of Generation Justice (GJ) for two years. I am originally from Detroit, MI but I’ve been living and loving New Mexico for nine years. I first got involved with Generation Justice from my older brother Jason Fuller, inviting me to a summer institute. While being at GJ, I have experienced a lot of self-growth that I never thought was possible in a short amount of time. GJ has given me the opportunity and space to become more involved with my community, seeing and understanding the value community work and my place within my community. I’m a college student studying Fashion Design with a concentration in Sustainable Design. My goals as a designer are to design with everyone in mind, regardless of their age, body type, height, and gender, with a sustainable and ethical framework and model in place. To provide a service where I tailor the clothing to meet their wants and needs.

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