Violeta Abarca


Violeta Abarca is a youth producer for Generation Justice. She is 15 years old and attends Alma d’Arte Charter School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She wanted to be a part of Generation Justice to get new experiences and learn how to work in a radio station. She’s really excited to learn how to engineer on the board.

Violeta grew up in San Francisco, California, and moved to New Mexico in 3rd grade. She is Latina; her dad is from DF, Mexico, and her mom is from Santiago, Chile. Violeta has moved a lot; she used to live in Boston, Massachusetts, and was in a youth program over there called Zumix. She took poetry classes and it helped her to be a better writer and speak better in front of crowds. She is part of two organizations: Los Jardines and Young Women United. She likes to write screenplays and poetry.

Violeta has learned how to speak French and Chinese. She can say “wo xi huan putao wo bu xi huan la jiao.” It said, “I like grapes and I dislike peppers.” Her family lives everywhere. She has family in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Spain, but most of them live in California, United States.

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