Quinn Anderson is 15 years old, and is currently attending Albuquerque High School. He enjoys swimming, fencing, reading, and playing video games. Some of his hobbies include: playing Magic the Gathering, collecting coins. and just “chilling” He also enjoys playing classical and jazz trumpet, his musical instrument of choice.

He describes himself as introverted, realistic, happy, and tolerant. His name, Quinn, has some interesting roots: Quinn, in the native language of Ireland means wise, or in an alternate meaning, chief. Quinn wishes to go to Venice, Italy, shortly after he graduates, as he’s always wanted to visit such a rare city.

He looks forward to all the fun he is going to have here at Generation Justice as there are several reasons he joined. He join because of the opportunity to meet new people, as well as expand upon his experiences thus far. Also, Generation Justice gives him a new opportunity to get more involved in his community. He wants to be more knowledgeable about his community as well as have a chance to help people understand community issues that affect everybody.

Quinn hopes to graduate from high school, and after getting his Bachelor of Science at UNM with a Minor in jazz performance, he plans on getting a Masters in Chemistry at UC Berkeley. He then desires to go to New York and look for a job in the field of Chemistry.

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