Invest in Us Exhibit – Interview with Anna Horner [Video] – Generation Justice

On September 6, 2011, Generation Justice youth producers and staff attended and covered the Albuquerque stop of the Invest in Us interactive exhibition. In this interview, youth producer Ghadah Jawad talks with Anna Horner from the ABC Community Schools Partnership in Albuquerque about her impressions of the exhibit and the importance of investing in early childhood development.

Invest In US, a project of the First Five Years Fund, is a multimedia, interactive exhibit that makes the case for investing in early childhood education. The Invest In US exhibit showcases the importance of early brain development, demonstrates how quality early childhood education shapes cognitive and character skills that drive success in school and throughout life, and explains how high rates of return result from a relatively small investment in quality early learning experiences. Visit our Invest in US site to learn more about the exhibit and its tools or to request it for your event.