Generation Justice

New Mexico’s Premiere Youth Media Project

New Mexico’s history of colonization, genocide and inequity are tied to today’s resistance, resilience and liberation. We, as New Mexicans, know our future is dependent on how well we honor and navigate past and present conditions. This truth sparks our vision at Generation Justice to raise underrepresented voices, to heal from internalized wounds, to lift up narratives of hope and inspiration that build pathways to equity and leadership.
Established in 2005 as the KUNM Youth Radio Project, Generation Justice is now New Mexico’s premiere, award-winning youth media project. The project was founded on social justice, decolonization, and media justice principles. GJ uses an inter-generational positive youth development approach to engage youth representative of New Mexico’s minority majority status; (Indigenous, low-income, youth of color) to create media that gives rise to narratives based on truth, analysis and hope.
– Roberta Rael, Executive Director of Generation Justice

By the Numbers

0% Youth Pursuing Higher Education
0 Youth Members Trained
0% Youth of Color