Generation Justice stands in solidarity with the youth-led Climate Strike taking place September 20th, in Albuquerque, and with thousands of other global climate strikes taking place across our world. We demand that as a global community, we take revolutionary action NOW in order to address this crisis and preserve our planet for future generations. As New Mexicans, climate change and global warming impact our lives, our families, and our futures on a daily basis. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, “Climate change is altering fundamental weather patterns—affecting temperatures, water availability, and weather extremes—that shape the lives of New Mexicans. As a result, the infrastructure and resource-management plans designed for the conditions of the past may not meet the future needs of the farmers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts, and other residents of New Mexico.” We do not have the pleasure of sitting idle and ignoring this situation because it is happening this very instant, with irreversible impact and impending disaster that will affect us all. We stand in solidarity with youth across the globe who are demanding radical change and policy be enacted now. We stand in solidarity with the marginalized communities including our indigenous, black, brown, disabled, and low-income communities that are already detrimental experiencing the effects of climate change and will only further be impacted. We stand in solidarity with mother earth which has given us the very resources we need to live and thrive, and in return been impacted by our human greed and selfishness.


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