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Gj youth share the apps that are helping them meditate

Headspace                                                Calm                                              Insight Timer 



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“Why You Shouldn’t Go To Your Friend’s House While Social Distancing”

Social distancing during COVID-19 means you Facetime instead of heading over to your friend’s house to hang. We don’t want to spread this.” Writes Brittany Wong for HuffPost – Updated March 24, 2020

you’re not alone in this

take care of yourself, then others

Mental health counselors are just a quick text away
thanks to the Crisis Text Line, which is a free national text messaging service.
All you have to do to get in contact with one is text “home” to 741-741 and get started!

Agora Hotline: 505-277-3013

Optum’s Emotional Support Helpline: 866-342-6892

Coronavirus Mental Health Helpline: 1-844-863-9314

MUTUAL AID CARE PACKAGES (elderly & immunocompromised first)

City of Albuquerque COVID-19 Updates