Awards and Recognition

2009 11th Annual Governor’s Volunteers Awards

  • Governor’s Youth Service New Mexico Awards

2011 1st Fueling Increasingly Relevant Education (F.I.R.E) Awards – Roberta Rael

The award recognizes educators and organizations promoting social justice and equity in the classroom and in the community.


2014 28th Annual YWCA Women on The Move- Roberta Rael

The YWCA Women on the Move Award recognizes women of New Mexico for their leadership, commitment, innovation, focus and dedication to community.

2014 S’Park Media Mentor Award- Roberta Rael

The Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College S’Park Media Mentor Award is given out nationally to 5 either high school teachers or mentors/advisers who are committed to igniting a passion for media in youth.

2014 – Loving Service Award

The Loving Service award is presented by the Native Health Initiative (NHI). It honors organizations and individuals that have addressed health inequities through their work. NHI is the only American Indian organization in the U.S. that is run by Tribes working with health profession students. GJ’s work around health issues/inequities that impact student success has been a major point of focus over the past few years.

2015 New Mexico Public Health Association

  • Youth Award- Ghadah Jawad
  • Media Award- Generation Justice

2015 SEEDS Award

  • 2015 Center for Media Justice SEEDS Award – This award recognize Generation Justice’s work in planting the seeds to raise the next generation of media-makers

2015 Native Media Awards (NAJA)

  • Student Category Print/Online-General Excellence- Generation Justice (2nd Place)
  • Student Category Online- Best News Story- Pauly Denetclaw (2nd Place)
  • Student Category online-Best Feature Story- Pauly Denetclaw (3rd Place)

2016 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award

  • Christina Rodriguez – Radio in-depth Reporting

2016 Native American Journalism Association (NAJA)

  • Pauly Denetclaw – 2016 NAJA Richard LaCourse Award
  • Pauly Denetclaw – Best Radio Feature Story
  • Pauly Denetclaw – Best Radio News Story

2016 Jeanne Gauna Social Justice Spirit Award

  • Roberta Rael – 2016 Jeanne Gauna Social Justice Spirit Award
  • Cecilia Frescas – 2016 Jeanne Gauna Social Justice Spirit Award

2018 Spirit of Hope Direct Service Award

  • Roberta Rael – 2018 Spirit of Hope Direct Service Award honors New Mexico’s hard-working supporters of programs and services that engage and touch children, making a difference in their lives. Their work has had both subtle and profound impacts, creating a cumulative effect.

2017 Paul & Joyce Aicher Leadership in Democracy Award

  • Generation Justice – 2017 Everyday Democracy Paul & Joyce Aicher Leadership in Democracy Award