Trainings & Curriculums



Training and Curriculum Available:

  • Media Literacy: Basic training provides general media literacy and how to decipher dominant narratives and narratives based in equity and justice.
  • Narrative Shift Trainings: Media Literacy and Analysis on Police Violence: Training based on GJ’s analysis of media coverage of police violence that helps identify harmful biases within dominant narratives.
  • Little Feet Walk Loud (Early Childhood Development) Training: An intergenerational training curriculum that covers the neuroscience of brain development from intra-utero through 3 years of age. Interactive learning modalities cover the social/emotional impact of trauma, and why environment and play are so important to creating healthy outcomes for children. Training is appropriate for youth and adults, parents, future parents, and educators.
  • When The Mask Comes Off Training: “When the Mask Comes Off” Training Module, which is a Suicide Prevention Training with a video and discussion guide to discuss the need for de-stigmatizing mental health and will include self care strategies and techniques including increasing knowledge and agency to navigate the behavioral health system.
  • Working Effectively with Youth By Youth (Positive Youth Development) Training: This intergenerational curriculum was co-created by youth ages 15-19 with the goal of Developing Youth-Adult Partnerships. The purpose of the training is to assist adults with concrete ways to work effectively with youth.

Social Media for Mobilization Training:

  • General Training: Learn about useful resources on how to use social media for social change and to develop a more socially engaged group of youth. Learn to recognize social media as a tool for revolutionary change, to create personal connections with social media, and to commit contributing to social change through social media.
  • What Does it All Meme?: Learn how to create Memes for justice messaging.
  • #Winning at Social Media: Learn some of the best practices of social media platforms, including when/how/why to use them, the “5 Commandments of Social Media,” using examples of GJ’s reach on social media with previous campaigns.
  • Digital Security Training – “Being E-Woke”: Training how to understand the extent of digital surveillance and hands-on training on how to protect oneself and increase digital security.
  • Personal Narrative: Youth learn to craft their Story of Self to include racial, gender, and cultural identity. Paired with the language of racial literacy, this training helps young people to identify the narratives of self, place, history and our current setting. Training outcomes include gaining a deeper understanding of identity and self-appreciation and using equity awareness when we speak about ourselves and our communities.
  • Racial Literacy for Youth:
    •  This training provides youth with a specialized set of language to identify the subtleties and overarching systems of racism and oppression within our society. A brief history of popular media and ways that it has upheld oppression is included in this training.

Broadcasting and Journalism Trainings:

  • Journalism Ethics Training
  • How to engineer for a live broadcast
  • Learning how to produce
  • How to conduct interviews
  • How to write a script and deliver like a pro
  • Vocalization training
  • Blogging Bootcamp

Self-Care Trainings:

  • Radical Self Love
  • Story of Self (Story Narrative) Training
  • Intention Setting
  • How to craft an affirmation

Health Equity Trainings:

  • Training: Behavioral Health
  • Youth Health Leadership Project #YHLP Presentations (Health Literacy, Community Health, Cancer, Behavioral Health, Healthcare Toolkit)

Communications Support:

  • City of Albuquerque – Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, Refugee Community Engagement Photo Project
  • Healthy Here Video Services
  • YDI Early Childhood Development Best Practices
  • Bernalillo County Health Council: Destigmatizing Opioid Addiction

Statewide Projects: Youth Health Literacy Project (YHLP) Trainings:

  • #YHLP is an inter-generational statewide campaign to improve the health and reduce the health disparities of youth by improving health literacy through social media and in-school campaigns. This project was in partnership with NM Alliance for School-Based Health Care (NMASBHC) and BlueCross BlueShield of NM.
  • Training curriculum consists of the following:
    • Making Sense of Data
    • Health Literacy
    • Health Equity Dialogue in NM
    • Social Media is Not Evil
  • MEMEs and health literacy
  • The goal of #YHLP is to teach about Health Literacy through social media campaigns.  
  • In 2014 GJ organized 12 teams of youth and adults statewide, including in rural and tribal areas of New Mexico. Youth and adults worked in partnership on social media strategies to increase health literacy in their local communities. Each team also organized site-specific events and activities. Curriculum led by teens and presented to their schools that covers 5 Health Topics selected by #YHLP youth in 6 months, from “Breaking the Silence” (curriculum that de-stigmatizes mental illness), “Drug Free Week,” a Cancer Awareness Fun Run and “Pink Out Game,” a Sober Living Event, and Diabetes Prevention event with youth throughout NM.