Little Feet Walk Loud: 2012 Oye Conference [Video] – Generation Justice

In the summer of 2012, Generation Justice was honored to present its training entitled “Little Feet Walk Loud” at the 2012 Organizing Youth Engagement (OYE) Conference. The OYE Conference brings together youth from across the state of New Mexico to engage in thought-provoking and action-oriented workshops to help improve their communities. The “Little Feet Walk Loud” training approaches the topic of early childhood development as a social justice issue. Participants are challenged to expand their definitions of social justice by connecting early brain development to societal issues at large.

In this video, Angel Trujillo (Las Vegas), Alondra Jimenez (Roswell), Ana Duran (Albuquerque) and Valerie Pastran (Deming), who were all participants of the “Little Feet Walk Loud” training, share stories and also how their understanding of early childhood development shifted as a result of the “Little Feet Walk Loud” training. As Alondra says, “I learned that our success starts when we’re small.”