PSA: Good Job [Video] – Generation Justice

During the summer of 2012, Generation Justice attended the Organizing Youth Engagement Conference in Albuquerque, NM. At the conference, Generation Justice, along with the Center for Education Policy Research, presented their Education Equity Training. The interactive training used up-to-date school success data that has been mapped both by county and school district to make clear the connections between school success and other factors like socio-economic status and health. Youth took the lead in facilitating discussions on different issues and then presented their connections and personal stories with the group. After the training, Generation Justice asked a group of students why education was important to them.

Generation Justice produced this video PSA in collaboration with New Mexico PBS as part of the American Graduate Initiative. The youth in this PSA share their aspirations for the future. From music, to fashion design, and architecture, these youth are setting their sights high and recognize how important education will be to meet their goals.