1.13.13 Children and Youth Legislative Show [Radio] – Generation Justice

Sunday January 13th, 2013 Generation Justice’s radio show was dedicated to the upcoming New Mexico Legislative Session and to the children and youth of our state.



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Generation Justice’s own Devonte Watson spoke with Adrian Carver, with NM Youth Alliance, and Baji Rankin, of New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children, about the 3rd Annual Children and Youth Day at the Legislature and about the importance of putting New Mexico’s children and youth first.

Generation Justice worked with New Mexico Voices for Children, Invest in Kids Now Coalition, and YDI to bring you our New Mexico Speaks page dedicated to Early Childhood Development. Myra Segal from New Mexico Voices for Children joined Generation Justice’s George Luna-Pena to discuss the importance of Early Childhood Development and to talk about our New Mexico Speaks page. Make sure to visit NewMexicoSpeaks.com to find more information and share your thoughts!

Music Featured:

Hallelujah- Jen Wigmore

Youth Power- Planet Sound

We Are the World- Various

Nothing Inside- Sander Vandoorn and Mayaeni

Production Team:

Hosts- Victor Torres and Melissa Louise Auh

Interviewers- Devonte Watson and George Luna-Pena