5.12.13 Mama’s Day Show! [Radio] – Generation Justice

Sunday May 12, 2013 Generation Justice’s radio show was dedicated to celebrating Mother’s day!

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We just want to give a huge thank you to all the Generation Justice moms! We wouldn’t exist without the time, support, and love that they provide every single week. And, to show our appreciation, we’re dedicating our entire show to them . Our youth producers share messages and songs for their mothers.

Messages from:

Luna Olavarria Gallegos                                 Munther Jaber

Devonte Watson                                                Sarah Hanz

Bheira Ugalde                                                     Stevin Ortiz

Rayne Dodson                                                  Bayan Jaber

Deena Armenta                                                Markus Berumen

Mohammed Jaber                                         Andrew McMillan

Brittany Tsosie                                                 Marilu Ugalde

Victor Torres

Music Featured:

“Yeyo”- Erykah Badu                               “Girl on Fire”- Alicia Keys

“Ella Y El”- Jose Luis                               “Rain” -Bruno Mars

“To Binge”- The Gorrillaz                       “To Make You Feel My Love”- Garth Brooks

“Suit & Tie”- Justin Timberlake            “Daughters”- John Mayer

“No Woman No Cry”- Bob Marley       “Mama”- Kanye West

“Dear Mama”- Tupac                                 “Mamma”- Boyz II Men

“The Dance” – Garth Brooks