9.1.13 Rape Culture [Radio] – Generation Justice

Sunday September 1st, 2013 Generation Justice radio show focuses on the difficult topic of rape culture.

We were joined in studio by a panel of young women of color that will discuss what rape culture is, deconstruct the recent mainstream media coverage of rape cases, and also share their own experiences in a culture that sexualizes, objectifies, and often blames the victims of rape. In addition, we were joined by a young male ally to talk about how rape culture affects young men.

Music Featured:

“Leotard” Tacocat

“Sullen Girl” Fiona Apple

“Hombre” M.I.A

“Malo” Bebe

“American Tune” Andrew Jackson Jihad

Production Team:

Hosts: Haarika Reddy and Patrick Goff

Discussion Group: Luna Olavarria Gallegos, Lucia Martinez, Jordan Bosiljevac, and Logan Bishop-Van Horn