3.2.14 Art and Activism [Radio] – Generation Justice

ART Is ACTIVISM!  Producer Luna Olavarria Gallegos looks at the connection between Art and Activism. We’ll hear from Alina Tavares Shelly and Alma Olavarria Gallegos, about their interview with the Panamanian duo Los Rakas. The show also features Nationally recognized Hip Hop Activists , I Self Devine, and Brother Ali interviewed by Jason Fuller and Markus Berumen.

Music Featured:
“Living Under Siege” – I Self Devine featuring Brother Ali, Nate Collis
“Exist to Remain” – I Self Devine
“Freedom Ain’t Free” – Brother Ali
“Africana” – Los Rakas
“Boom Skit” – M.I.A
“Mourning in America” – Brother Ali
“Hablemos Del Amor” – Los Rakas
“Mourning in America” – Brother Ali
“America” – Sammus
“Quick Money” – Favi

Production Team:
Hosts: Jason Fuller, Pauly Denetclaw
Interviewers: Markus Beruman, Jason Fuller, Luna Olavarria Gallegos
Guests: Alma Olavarria Gallegos, Alina Taveras Shelley