2.22.15 Net Neutrality And Community Cinema [Radio] – Generation Justice

On this program we talk with Laurel Wyckoff from New Mexico PBS about their ‪#‎CommunityCinema‬ project, which will screen the film ‪#‎AmericanDenial‬. This project combines educational and documentary style film screenings with powerful panel discussions on issues that impact our community.

We also talk with Steven Renderos from the Center for Media Justice about the importance of ‪#‎NetNeutrality‬ and what the next steps are on this important battle for open internet access.

Production Team
Hosts: Pauly Denetclaw and Derrick Toledo
Calendar Hosts: Jakia Fuller and George Luna-Pena
Music Director: Pilar Monfiletto
Interviewers: Christina Rodriguez and Chantel Trujillo
Editors: Christina Rodriguez and Chantel Trujillo
Engineer: Kamaria Umi