Interview with Dr. Finnie Coleman

Dr. Finnie Coleman talks about what the Movement for Black Lives is really about, the history of police brutality, how he prepares his son to enter a world that is racist and so much more.


Dr. Finnie Coleman is an Associate Professor and the Director of American Literary Studies at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Coleman is also an ‘associate professor of English’, where he teaches courses in African-American literature and Hip Hop Culture. In addition to his literature and Hip Hop classes, he has also taught courses in African-American cultural history, where he focuses on the manifold functions of culture and shifting definitions of race at critical moments in African-American history. He has worked extensively in computer-assisted classrooms and has initiated a number of hypertext research projects designed to recover lost or marginalized African-American literature.

Prior to his career in academia, Dr. Coleman served in the Persian Gulf and Germany as an Army intelligence officer. He is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and earned his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in English from the University of Virginia. Most recently, he served as ‘Associate Director for Honors in the Office of Honors Programs and Academic Scholarships’ at Texas A&M University where he was responsible for the university’s honors program and directed the University Undergraduate Research Fellows Program.

His first book, ‘Strategies of a Black Intellectual; White Supremacy and Sutton E. Griggs’s Science of Collective Efficiency