11.5.17: Power Not Paranoia

Generation Justice invites you into a discussion on the surveillance state, “Power not Paranoia.” We’ll look at its history, it impacts on communities of color, and the steps necessary to empower our communities against it. Listen to Aaron Dixon, author of “My People Are Rising” and co-founder of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party; Myaisha Hayes, the National Organizer on Criminal Justice & Technology at the Center for Media Justice; Paul Haidle, an attorney and Criminal Justice Advocate for the ACLU New Mexico; and, Eduardo Esquivel, a student of biochemistry at UNM and the Education & Equity Trainer for the New Mexico Dream Team.

This panel is moderated by Generation Justice director, Roberta Rael, with an introduction from Steven Renderos, Organizing Director at the Center for Media Justice; and is brought to you in partnership with The Center for Media Justice (CMJ), a national organization which fights for the digital rights of poor people and people of color to bring this presentation to the community.