Peace – Generation Justice

Hi, my name is Bashar and I am interested in sports, especially basketball. I am now participating in both basketball and swimming. I am currently getting ready for playing football in the fall. I am going to be playing for Eldorado and I am going to make at least two touchdowns a game. I hope.

I am concerned about my country, Palestine, because there has been a war happening there for sixty-two years. People are dying for no reason because other countries want to take over their land. I wish there could just be peace in the world and everyone could live peacefully. My mother’s side of our family lives there and I don’t want them to die. They didn’t do anything to the people trying to kill them. All they want is peace.

In my language, which is Arabic,“hi” translates to “Salaam” which means “peace.” All Palestine and its people want is peace! I hope one day the whole world would just have peace!

by: Bashar Jawad