StoryCorps  – Generation Justice

On May 30, 2010 I went to the National Hispanic Cultural Center with my mom to participate in an interview being held by StoryCorps, an organization that travels around the county recording interviews between people and a lot of the time family members.

When we got there my mom did not know what to expect. She thought it was going to be with a group of people recording but she found out it was just between the two of us. At first she was nervous because she did not know what she was going to say and she wanted to go home. We went into the small trailer and I started asking questions and we laughed. At one moment my mom got emotional when I asked how she felt when I was born. Overall in the end my mom and I were glad that we participated in the interview and I am glad I have that memory. We also gave permission for our recording to go to the library of Congress to be preserved in history. I think this is great because years from now different generations can hear from people from the past and learn more about where they come from. I’m glad I had this experience and I want to encourage others to have conversations with the people around them, recorded or not, because you learn a lot and you cherish the memories and you won’t have to worry if you talked to that person enough. I know I will have great memories not only with my mom but with all the people I talk to everyday.

by: Victor Torres