The Extinction of Penguins – Generation Justice

One major area of concern for me, and the world is the snow decreasing in Antarctica due to pollution. This can affect many things such as the animals and the food chain. If penguins become extinct, that would cause a big increase in the fish down south because there wouldn’t be any penguins to eat them. Such unbalance could be detrimental to a habitat.

A study shows that by 2100, 95% of penguins will decrease. It will be sad if penguins become extinct because it would be humanity’s fault for polluting habitats. How can we help the penguins? There are many ways to help them. We could go green by car-pooling, not littering, and even simple things like using your own bags at the grocery store instead of plastic bags. There are many other ways to help and I hope you do.

by: Ghadah Abdeljawad