Victor on His Grandparents & The American Dream  – Generation Justice

Victor Torres

This is a topic close to home for me because my grandma’s husband, my step-grandfather is from Mexico and he came over here more than 35 years ago. He’s been working, taking care of his family, and now that all this is going through he might be sent back to Mexico. My grandma really needs his help and support. I just think these laws are very unfair and inhumane to our society, especially in America. There was the American Dream for a lot of years, and now it has kind of died with all these laws that have been going through. I just wanted to say that I think we should really look at who these people are and not treat them like they are from another planet. I think they’re humans, I think they want to be here for a reason to make a better life for themselves, and I hope that we can see that one day.

by: Victor Torres