Ghadah Jawad


Ghadah Jawad is 14 years old and attends Eldorado High School. She is Palestinian and has lived in New Mexico for all her life but for two years, which were spent in Palestine, learning how to speak Arabic and the lifestyle there.

Her hobbies include basketball, and swimming. Some things she does for fun are listen to music, talk on the phone, and hang out with friends.
Ghadah has been with Generation Justice for a little over a year now. Since then, it has been a major part of her life. Generation Justice has taught her to become a better and more educated person as well to allow her to become more aware of issues in her community and in the world, like immigration, teenage pregnancy, and violence, etc.

She enjoys being a part of Generation Justice because she gets to meet knew people who have similar goals as she.
Ghadah’s hopes and dreams for the future are to be a well educated person with the ultimate goal of becoming a civil engineer.

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