Haarika Reddy


Haarika Reddy is currently attending Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. Originally born in Huntsville, Alabama, she is first generation American in her family. Haarika is East Indian and identifies herself as Hindu as well as Agnostic, in light of how she can see it to appear contradictory. Additionally, her interests and hobbies span a wide variety of diverse subjects.

Haarika thoroughly enjoys reading books of many different genres because she has a passion for learning and has always found comfort in books. She is also in the process of attempting to learn her fourth and fifth foreign language: Hindi and Japanese. Her hope is that she can learn these languages with much success to provide her the opportunities
later on in life to make use of them to their fullest. To further that dream, she would like to solidify her abilities and knowledge in the languages she already has a considerable grasp on.

Although Haarika’s strengths are not in sports, she has always taken pleasure in team sports such as soccer and ultimate Frisbee. Moreover, as a student, she strives to be active in her school community. She participates in school organizations such as Student of all Colors and Gay Straight Alliance.

Generation Justice is an opportunity, outside of school, for Haarika to broaden her perspectives as well as motives to pull her out of her comfort zone. She aspires to meet some wonderful, new individuals and further educate herself on social justice issues through youth radio.

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