Kamri Lucero


Kamri Lucero is Native American and although born in Phoenix, Arizona, she was raised in New Mexico. At first Kamri was not up to the idea of joining Generation Justice; her mom signed her up even though she did not know. But as Kamri underwent her interview, met all the people that work there and saw the equipment she would potentially work with, it made her overjoyed to be able to volunteer there. Kamri them felt different towards volunteering at Generation Justice and she is excited to be involved now to learn a thing or so about radio equipment, meet new people that want to learn like herself, and make a difference in the community. Kamri wants to make sure that youth have a voice, and that they have equal rights as our fellow “elderly” population. Also she hopes that Generation Justice can help her speak up, and really use her real voice inside. Kamri has really not participated in many clubs or organization because she is kind of nervous around new people and stuff.Her many hobbies are many but to name a few, she likes to hang out with friends, text people, play the flute, and she loves to read, draw, and listen to music. Her hopes and dreams for the future are to become a doctor, and be a great one. She wishes to go to college and be successful. Kamri just wants to be happy when she grow up. ☺

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