Sayre Key-Towne


Sayre wanted to join Generation Justice for multiple reasons, one of which was inspiration from an older sibling who was in program, his sister Maya Key-Towne. She would tell him how great the program was and how much fun it was for her. In learning about Generation Justice, he thought it would be something fun to try out. But more to it than fun, Sayre looks forward to the learning experiences and making new friends along the way, and finally, to show the world that youth aren’t a bunch of jerks who take things for granted, and that they have a voice and opinions.

Sayre’s many hobbies include skateboarding, video games, performing, playing one of multiple instruments (Bass guitar, Cello, etc.) and Youtube. Things he does that are mainly for fun are to just hang with friends and do some of what was just listed.

His hopes and dreams for the future would be to be either a professional musician, or to be a professional in gaming design. He would like those as a career because he doesn’t want to have just any job.

His heritage is kind of blank for him what he means is that he can just look in the mirror and see that he’s Caucasian. He doesn’t know for sure if he’s Irish, German, or Russian. He wishes he could determine his racial background but for now he’s just a white kid.

Something else Sayre would like to add is that he’s only been a part of Generation Justice for about 4 meets how, and he’s already learned so much. The people he’s met are incredible, including staff and he looks forward to what is ahead for him with Generation Justice.

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