Hi my name is Jazlin Mendoza and am Hispanic. I am 18 years old. I attend Albuquerque High School. My favorite subjects in school are History and Science. I like to hangout with friends and cook new foods for fun. I like to learn about new cultures and their people in it, mostly from the Middle East.

In my future, I plan to go to the Middle East and help out in what I can like people who have been traumatized. I like to write my thoughts down and give my own opinions. I strongly believe in speaking your mind whether you’re a child or an adult.

Before I joined Generation Justice, I was a videographer for the Strong Starts Initiative. I gained so much knowledge and it impacted my life. It made me think about my life and how I complain about it knowing there’s people who have less then I do. Now that I joined Generation Justice, my goals are to gain more knowledge of different points of view in society, communicate more with my peers, and stand up for what is right without fearing. Impacting and encouraging peoples lives to make a difference if they want to see a change.

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