Native Health Initiative- “Youth Leading the Way” – Generation Justice

The Native Health Initiative (NHI) youth presentation titled “Youth Leading the Way” at the New Mexico Public Health Association’s annual conference on April 27th, 2011.

High School students will presented on their efforts to create healthier, more sustainable communities. Youth from the Walatowa Jemez Green stars will be talking about how they created a comprehensive recycling program in their community

South Valley Academy High School juniors who serve as peer health educators will talk about a recent wellness event they created at their school, complete with physical fitness activities and educational material.

The Native Health Initiative (NHI) is a partnership which addresses health inequities through loving services. They are the only American Indian partnership in the U.S. that is run by Tribes working with health professions students. NHI also empowers their youth to realize their heritage, their potential, and their power to become leaders.