4.22.12 – Earth Day and Community! [Radio] – Generation Justice

On Sunday April 22nd, 2012, Generation Justice aired a special show dedicated to Earth Day and our Community!

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Generation Justice Youth Producer Victor Torres spoke with one of Earth Day Founders Arturo Sandoval about the movement and his participation.

Music Playlist:

Frank Sinatra- “Fly Me to the Moon”

The Beatles- “Here Comes the Sun”

The Secret Sisters- “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder”

John Mayer- “Waiting On The World To Change”

Oasis- “All Around the World”

Skrillex- “First of the Year”

Cream- ” Sunshine of Your Love”

Thrice- “Come All You Weary”

Production Team:

Hosts- Quinn Anderson and Ghadah Jawad

Calendar Hosts- Arturo Castillo, Rayne Dodson, and Melissa Harris

Interviewer- Victor Torres

Engineer- Rayne Dodson