9.22.13 Spirituality and Social Justice, Pt. 2 – Daniel Erdman [Radio] – Generation Justice

This week we are continuing our series on social justice and spirituality. Generation Justice’s Lucia Martinez talks with Reverend Daniel Erdman, an activist, pastor, spiritual leader and musician. The discussion includes his time in Nicaragua and the lessons he learned there. It is a powerful discussion that you won’t want to miss! Check it out:


Stay tuned for more of this series.

Here is Part 1 of the Spirituality and Social Justice Series: 9.15.13 Spirituality and Social Justice Pt. 1

Music Featured:

“El Arriero” – L@s Otr@s

“El Christo de Palacaguina” –  Carlos Mejia Godoy

“Gracias A La Vida” – Mercedes Sosa

“Manifesto” – Victor Jara

“One” – India.Arie

Production Team:

Hosts: Brittany Tsosie and Nidal Jawad

Music Host: Victor Torres

Interviewer: Lucia Martinez