05.29.16 – Protecting Land and Water – Generation Justice

Two interstate exchanges at $30 million each, an increased tax burden of over $1 billion for schools, roads, and other infrastructure and health impacts related to the increased exposure to blowing sand are just some of the concerns the community has raised about the Santolina Master Plan.

Tune into our latest updates from Lorraine Archibald of the Center for Social Sustainable Systems and Juan Reynosa of the Southwest Organizing Project about the Santolina Master Plan.

We will also learn about other community efforts to protect New Mexico. Elizabeth Fulreader will fill us in on what’s happening at Talking Talons Youth Leadership, a non-profit inspiring youth through environmental leadership.

Hosts: Kateri Zuni & George Luna-Pena
Calendar Hosts: Edwin Rivera & Tamara Colaque
Engineer: George Luna-Pena