11.3.19 – Wake Self Interview

Our community woke up today to the devastating news that local NM hip hop artist Andrew Martinez​, Wake Self​ has passed.

Just last week, Andrew asked that Generation Justice youth producers interview him about his new album. This is who he was. He showed up for the youth of New Mexico and he always showed love to Generation Justice fam.

Andrew was light, he was love. His message and voice can move mountains. Rest in Power Wake Self. Thank you for all that you’ve done for our community. You will always be GJ Fam!

Generation Justice sends our sincerest condolences to Andrew’s family and our community. #WakeSelf, PRESENTE!! 

We’d like to share this interview with Wake Self, conducted by 13-year-old Emilio Bauvallet.

We’ve edited the length of songs from Wake Self’s new album, Ready to Live, out of respect for the incredible work that he had yet to release.