Top 5 of 2013: Alden Bruce – Generation Justice

Very cool to see the work of fellow Generation Justice Video editor, Georgia Ruden, on the big screen. Great message and great work! I have never thought about the importance of Early Childhood Development before becoming involved this project. My involvement for this video was prepping it to look good on the big screen, which gave me a lesson in reformatting and compression options…

In addition to getting new fellows, we also got a new staff member to lead them. A fellow Public Ally, journalism veteran, photographer, new dad, and all-around great guy. Glad to have him join the team!

It was a big moment for Generation Justice in gaining the resources and funding to launch the fellowship program. We could not have asked for better fellows, Pauly and Jason, to join the team. In the few months they have been here, they have been pumping out quality stories and interviews, and have proven themselves to be a great help to the organization.

This definitely earns its place on my list as a lot had happened from it. It was a learning experience for me personally, on organizing and coordinating for a 3-day shoot. And I can’t forget Victor’s keynote speech, which was amazing. Some fantastic footage resulted in this event which made some great video projects that I genuinely enjoyed working on. Perhaps you should quit reading this and go watch them:

Probably the biggest production I’ve done since joining Generation Justice. So many hours of coordinating filming, and editing spent on this one. To be honest, I was really unsure what to expect in the beginning. Towards the end of the project, the whole subject of Mental Illness and the stigma associated with it really began to impact me and I feel that the passion of the youth that we interviewed really came through in the finished product. Very glad to have played out my role in putting this piece together. It has been a great learning process for me and acted as a great exercise in creativity, storytelling, and outreach.