Top 5 of 2013: Victor Torres – Generation Justice

I cannot express how deeply touched I was when I listened to this particular radio show. Christina’s story was incredible and I am in awe of the way she told her story. It was a radio show that was both powerful and inspiring to me.

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Lucia’s series on Social Justice & Spirituality was an eye opener for me. Lucia conducted some great interviews, which gave me so many lessons on how to balance the two, and it gave me greater clarity of my questions on spirituality, and ignited the light within me that reminded me why the work we do as a community is so important.

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It was a very exciting time when the fellows joined Generation Justice! Having been with the project for four years, I have to say it was one of the most exciting moments in all that time. The energy was awesome and it was clear to me what an incredible opportunity this was and what the fellows could contribute was inspiring to me. Jason and Pauly are amazing and I am glad to have met them. They bring so much to Generation Justice and I can’t wait to see what both of their futures hold.

I had the opportunity to do work study through UNM and worked at Generation Justice this past semester and it was great! I gained so much! I’ve seen how much work goes into the various aspects in order to serve the community and let youth have a voice in the community. From working on social media, to radio I learned something new everyday.

I would also like to thank all the staff for guiding me and helping me these last few months as I worked with all of them. I appreciate it and couldn’t have done it without all the support and love. Thank you!

This has to be the biggest moment of the year for me! Not only to be the keynote speaker, but also to see all of those young people in one room coming together. It was such a great and inspiring moment for me. I remember being so nervous seeing everyone gather in the room, and then I heard the speakers before me and the energy in the room and I suddenly was in the moment. I’m still amazed sometimes as I think back to that moment, to get such an incredible response. I just have to thank God and the community. I will always be thankful for this experience. It was not only my top moment of the year, it was a defining moment in my life. As I end this year and begin the new year, I hope everyone will join me in always coming from a place of love, because it does make all the difference!