Top 5 of 2013: Georgia Ruden – Generation Justice

The first time I viewed this video in edited form was at Roberta’s for Generation Justice’s christmas party. It was put together so well and I know of all the heart and dedication that was put into the production, and it was just really nice to see it come together so well.

It was really nice to see everyone together and to see all the love and support for Generation Justice in one room. It was really neat to have a specific room set up to show our videos and to sit with people who hadn’t seen our videos and view their reactions.

It was amazing to see our values written down, specifically “love” and to listen to everyone explain why love is so important in our work. It’s really true that Generation Justice works from a place of love and that is shown both in the diligence of our work and the process we use to protect those in our media.

It was so amazing to go in to these classrooms and see the things these kids are learning, I have so much faith in these kids and hope that this great start in education continues on through all of their lives.

This project revolutionized my life in so many ways. Firstly, it made me realize that in general I do have a tendency to pay more attention to negativity in my life and that this is something that has been engrained in us for a long time. Realizing this has helped me move forward by finding my own greatness! Secondly, this was the first big project that edited all by myself and to see it on the big screen gave me a confidence that I previously did not have.