Why Every Vote is Important Right Now [Blog] – Generation Justice

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 made it legal in the United States for every person over eighteen years old to vote regardless of his or her ethnicity or background.  Yet there is still a large portion of the population excluded from suffrage–minors. In a country where so many of the current issues being discussed by politicians are centered around children (underage drug and alcohol use, education, problems in the home life), it is surprising how little say the youth had on who lead our governments … until now.

KUNM Youth Radio has designed a blog for people from 13-30 years old to submit their thoughts to other members of the community and the gubernatorial candidates.  This is groundbreaking because the decisions that the next governors, mayors, and presidents make will not only influence the current state of well being for young people but our future as well.  The debates on Social Security will not impact the aging, wealthy politicians who are currently in office, but the students who are still studying.  This is why it is crucial that youth give their opinions and ideas to future politicians about education, home life, entertainment for teenagers, and immigration, all based on their own experiences.

The Speak Your Vote NM Blog is an extraordinary opportunity, not only for the people who blog, but also for other members of the community to view the thoughts of New Mexico Youth.  The chance to share your beliefs on the different aspects of the government with candidates is a chance everyone should take in order to prove to politicians that youth really do care about their future and they have something to say about it.

by Luna Olivarria Gallegos