Victor Torres interviews Quote…Unquote’s Executive Director Steve Raneiri.

“Eye Opener” by Victor Torres

Generation Justice has opened my eyes to the world. I have learned so much about social justice issues, both nationally and internationally. Most of my memorable moments have come from being a part of Generation Justice, from talking about disability rights to interviewing local and national activists and policy makers about being involved in their community.  It has been an experience I will never forget. Being a part of Generation Justice has also put me around a diverse group of people. I have come to see a number of views and insights that I can appreciate and respect.

To choose just one memorable moment is impossible.  I have had so many. One of my most memorable interviews was with Dolores Huerta, co-founder of The United Farm Workers, because she has been such an amazing activist throughout the years.  She said “ We have to be able to support and help each other, that’s why we’re put here on this earth.” This was a really powerful statement because it shows that if we help one another the world will be a better place.

Also, the interview that I did with Tara Ford and Gail Stewart, my attorneys and close friends, because I was humbled that we were able to send a message to the community about the continuous fight for disability rights and the message to always have a voice.

One last thing is just being around all of the other youth and sharing stories about life and current events.  Most of these times have come to shape who I am today.

Thank You, Generation Justice, for the learning experience, opportunities, laughter, and love.  Most of all thank you for being my eye opener to social justice and equality for all people.