“I think it’s one of the best products to come out of this whole initiative because it documents our history”- Debra Baca, Vice President, Early Childhood Education and Family Development Division, Youth Development, Inc. on the Pajarito Mesa Strong Starts Production


Generation Justice staff and youth producers at the Strong Starts Policy Forum in Santa Fe, NM.

In 2010, Everyday Democracy contracted Inspired Leadership, Inc. and the KUNM Youth Radio Project to document the New Mexico Strong Starts for Children Initiative. This initiative involved five different organizations in the Albuquerque area to help them to build on their work around early childhood development through a dialogue-to-action model. In the process, several Generation Justice youth participated as videographers, photographers, narrators, and editors for a total of 8 video productions.



“I also think its good…to really show our legislators…our larger community, the inequalities that exists.” -Valerie Siow, Teacher at the Native American Community Academy on the importance of the Native American Professional Parent Resources, Inc. Strong Starts Production


Below you can view the Strong Starts production entitled “Generation Justice’s Story.” This video highlights how this project changed the young media makers as well as what the value of the different products was for participating groups and organizations.


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