e.Woke #19: Facial Recognition, the DOJ, and Whoppercoin

This week, we’re talking about data collection on your face, the US Department of Justice, and the newest cryptocurrency: Whoppercoin.

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Transgender YouTubers Had Their Videos Grabbed To Train Facial Recognition Software

Companies are “collecting data” on your face, without your consent. Turns out, “most, if not all, people in these photos are unaware that biometric companies around the world are honing facial recognition algorithms on their friends, family, and children.” (via The Verge)

Justice Department Drops Request for IP Addresses of 1.3 Million Visitors to Anti-Trump Site

Bad news: the US Department of Justice requested “all information available” on the visitors to disruptj20.org, a website used to plan a protest during Trump’s inauguration. Good news? They dropped the request, after being pressured by DreamHost to narrow the warrant. (via Gizmodo)

Burger King Is Allegedly Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency

In Russia, for every Whopper you purchase, you’ll receive one Whoppercoin. It’s still vague, and it’s still being rolled out, but apparently BK is thinking about bitcoin and any other cryptocurrencies. Supposedly there’s one billion Whoppercoin so far. (via Munchies)

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