e.Woke #29: bond007

Welcome to e.Woke #29!

Your weekly update: we see some call outs, we learn the passwords of Trump’s former campaign manager, and we tell you why you might have been locked out of Google Docs earlier this week.

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Russian-Linked Facebook Ads Reached 150 Million Users

Call! Him! Out! MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber recently asked Mark Zuckerberg some hard questions about his morals and if he, as a corporation owner, is really the best person to be speaking about privacy. (via MSNBC)

Researchers Say Paul Manafort Referenced James Bond in His Adobe and Dropbox Passwords

The name is Manafort, Paul Manafort. It was revealed that Donald Trump’s former campaign manager had terrible passwords that were exposed during the 2012 Dropbox hack and the 2013 Adobe hack. (His password was actually “bond007”.) He turned himself in on Monday after being charged with conspiracy against the U.S., money laundering, and tax fraud. Bad people have bad passwords. (via Motherboard)

There’s Now A Whistleblower Hotline For Scientists Working Under The Trump Administration

Releasing confidential information has never been easier thanks to Speak out for Science, an organization who has become a hotline for scientists working under the Trump administration! Speak Out For Science has provided scientists a place where they can anonymously and safely “blow the whistle” – they use Signal! (via Motherboard)

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