e.Woke #30: The Villains of Digital Security

Welcome to e.Woke #30!

This week, we found headlines about Twitter servers, phone encryption, and how ICE is using texts to try and gather evidence about immigrants. Also, we can show you how Facebook figures out everyone you’ve ever met!


Moscow says Twitter ready to store data of users on Russian servers despite concerns over surveillance

Sometimes, you need to risk possible internet surveillance in order to see the latest memes. Twitter may soon (like middle of 2018) hand over all information of Russian Twitter users to Russian servers in order “to reduce dependence on foreign technology.” This is required because of a data security law in Russia. (via The Telegraph)

FBI can’t get inside Texas church shooter’s phone

It’s law enforcement vs tech companies. After the San Bernardino shooting, Apple refused to unlock the iPhone of the shooter. The FBI paid a private company $900,000 to break the encryption. Now, the same situation is happening since the FBI can’t open the phone of the Sutherland Springs shooter. Is there such thing as “responsible encryption”? Not really. (viaCNET)

Ex-NSA Director Says Companies Should Never Hack Back Because They Could Start Wars

“Private companies should share more data with the U.S. government to prevent breaches,” said former head of a national spying agency (aka NSA), Keith Alexander. Alexander spoke at a cybersecurity conference about why private companies should not attempt to “hack back” in case they start a war, and honestly, his ideas were kind of making sense… until he said give your data to the government. He was almost not a comic book villain. (viaMotherboard)

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