e.Woke #44: Facebook: What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

Welcome to e.Woke #44: Facebook: What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

Welcome to e.Woke! I won’t lie, this week has been messy and scary, but we’ll give you updates on Cambridge Analytica, the CLOUD Act, and SESTA-FOSTA. There’s a lot to cover, so brace yourselves, delete your Facebook, and let’s get right into it!

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Leaked: Cambridge Analytica’s blueprint for Trump victory

Facebook continues to let us down. After countless incidents in the past, Facebook has proved that they are not worthy of our trust. Channel 4 released a documentary about the work that a company called Cambridge Analytica has been doing. Cambridge Analytica has infiltrated millions of Facebook pages and conducted “Intensive survey research, data modeling and performance-optimization algorithms were used to target 10,000 different ads to different audiences in the months leading up to the election.” Facebook knew 3 years ago. They knew pages and personal information had been invaded but they never sent a warning out. Here is what Zuckerberg had to say “This was a major breach of trust, and I’m really sorry this happened,”. That isn’t enough. After being caught, Facebook is now “taking steps” to secure our data, but it’s too little, too late.

(via The Guardian / Motherboard / The New York Times )


Responsibility Deflected, the CLOUD Act Passes

Last week, we opposed the CLOUD Act…but this week, we saw it get approved. Hidden in a bill for a $1.7 trillion government spending budget, was the CLOUD Act. “In the final pages of the bill—meant only to appropriate future government spending—lawmakers snuck in a separate piece of legislation that made no mention of funds, salaries, or budget cuts. Instead, this final, tacked-on piece of legislation will erode privacy protections around the globe.”. What will be affected? Your privacy. With the CLOUD Act passed, foreign law enforcement will be able to see your private digital posts (Snapchats, Emails, lives, etc.) with basically no restrictions or warrants. Let’s just hope Russia isn’t interested in you singing with the dog ears filter.

(via EFF / FCW / GeekWire )


Schools Are Using AI to Check Students’ Social Media for Warning Signs of Violence

In this current political climate, we want to keep our students safe…even if that means treating everyone like a suspect. Schools are beginning to monitor the social media accounts of students, looking for “the earliest signs of violence—depression, resentment, and isolation.” Although this is done with good intentions, surveillance doesn’t always capture possible future problems.

(via Gizmodo )


The Senate Just Passed a Bill That Puts Sex Workers In Danger

ANOTHER bill that we have been fighting has been passed. The SESTA-FOSTA bill will promote censorship and punish sex workers. “Victims of trafficking, as well as consensual sex workers, use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to warn and protect one another.” While the bill is claimed to prevent online sex trafficking, the bill will most likely just harm sex workers and victims of trafficking who use internet platforms to communicate and warn each other.

(via Motherboard / The Cut / Gizmodo )


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