e.Woke #64: Stop ‘Clownin’ Us!

Welcome to e.Woke #64: Stop ‘Clownin’ Us!

Happy Friday, everyone! We have another short and sweet e.Woke for you all! Well, we’re talking about the NSA “losing” data and surveillance so maybe this is a little more bittersweet. Anyway, we have great stories and tips for you today! Be sure to share e.Woke!

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The NSA Continues to Blame Technology for Breaking the Law

You know when you’re doing work or writing an essay and your computer malfunctions and erases all of your work? Yeah, the NSA does that on purpose “These “technical irregularities” are part of a broad and troubling pattern within the NSA—it has repeatedly blamed its failure to comply with federal laws on technical problems purportedly beyond its control.” NSA is in charge of the nation’s “security”, but honestly, if they can’t comply with laws in place to ensure that they only protect us, should they even have access to most of our personal lives?

( via EFF Techdirt  )

Lawmakers Demand Intelligence Community Release a Report on Deepfakes

There are Deepfakes and fake deeps. Both are scary, but this is about Deepfakes. Deepfakes are “an algorithmically-generated face swapping method” and they have the potential to be used as a weapon. “Three representatives—Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.) and Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.)—sent the letter to DNI director Dan Coats as a plea and a warning: That deepfakes could be used against the U.S. by hostile nations.” This is actually a pretty valid fear. With good editing skills, it could be hard to tell the difference between an authentic threat or a teen messing around with this technology. These reps have called upon the “Intelligence Community” to share research on the “implications of new technologies that allow malicious actors to fabricate audio, video and still images,”.

( via Motherboard The Washington Post CNET )

Are New York’s Free LinkNYC Internet Kiosks Tracking Your Movements?

They have been called “a critical step toward a more equal, open, and connected city for every New Yorker, in every borough.” They are called LinkNYC Internet Kiosks, and they are spread across  NYC. They’re equipped with different chargers, telephones, 911 button, and free WiFi! Free internet is cool, but at what cost? These kiosks are possibly a tool of surveillance…”But even as the kiosks have provided important services to connect New Yorkers, they may also represent a troubling expansion of the city’s surveillance network, potentially connecting every borough to a new level of invasive monitoring. Each kiosk has three cameras, 30 sensors, and heightened sight lines for viewing above crowds.” and “an undergraduate researcher has discovered indications in LinkNYC code — accidentally made public on the internet — that LinkNYC may be actively planning to track users’ locations.” While we’re still learning about the secret of LinkNYC, please just be cautious of the WiFi networks you use!

( via The Intercept / The Gothamist / HardOCP )


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