e.Woke #65: Snowden, Surveillance, & Spy Tech, Oh My!

Welcome to e.Woke #65: Snowden, Surveillance, & Spy Tech, Oh My!
Happy Friday, e.Wokians! (Is that weird? I’m trying something new.) We are back with another exciting, scary, & informative e.Woke! This week, we talk Snowden, why you need to check your pictures before tweeting them, & how the Bay Area is taking action against surveillance. (Woohoo!) So sit back, cover your webcam, & let’s take a ride through the digital twilight zone!






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Edward Snowden On Protecting Activists Against Surveillance

Everyone has a favorite collaboration, but here’s one straight from my dreams: Malkia Cyril and Edward Snowden. I have always admired Malkia for their awesomeness and for the importance of their work. I feel the same about Snowden. When I read this article, I was reminded of the importance of unity in the DigiSec community and of addressing the targeted surveillance of activists, and especially people of color. The whole article is definitely worth reading (which you better do!), but here are my favorite parts:

People generally associate the word radical with extreme. But I prefer to think of the word in reference to its Latin origin: radix, the root of the issue. My friend Malkia Cyril is a radical in the truest sense of the word. Malkia’s work goes right to the root of government surveillance: that it’s fundamentally about power and control, not simply safety and security. AND This is not science fiction—it is happening now, with those on the edge of society knowing all too well what it means to live under the unblinking eye of judgment. Truly understanding their experience may be our last chance to stay free. Malkia’s radical lesson is about the nature of rights: The best way to protect somebody is to protect everybody—especially the most vulnerable among us. -Edward Snowden
(Malkia Cyril (right) with spouse Alana Devich Cyril / Photo by Michelle Groskopf)

(via Wired / Boing Boing)

Massachusetts Police Accidentally Tweet Evidence They’re Monitoring Left-Wing Activists

SOMEONE didn’t check themselves before they wrecked themselves. “Massachusetts State Police revealed more than they intended in a tweet about the gas leak explosions last week. In a screengrab of a map of emergency responses to fires and explosions, several left-wing and Black rights groups’ pages can be seen bookmarked in the browser.” and how did they respond? By saying that they do that to everyone and that they have them bookmarked to keep track of events where there will be large amounts of people! I guess right-wing groups don’t have gatherings? (Screenshot by Massachusetts Police and photo by Sarah Betancourt for the Guardian)

(via Motherboard / The Guardian / Mashable)


More Bay Area Jurisdictions Adopt Civilian Control of Police Spy Tech

Two California jurisdictions just took action against surveillance! The City of Palo Alto adopted an ordinance to “Establish Criteria and Procedures for Protecting Personal Privacy When Considering the Acquisition and Use of Surveillance Technologies, and Provide for Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting.” This ordinance “requires any proposed acquisition of surveillance technology to go through a public process. First, law enforcement must announce the proposal publicly, provide a formal analysis supporting the rationale, and also document potential impacts on privacy. Then, there is an opportunity for public comment to inform a transform, public vote by local elected officials. Only with their approval may the proposal proceed.” And the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) “voted unanimously to adopt a similar measure.” The Bay Area is fighting back! I hope to see more cities join this fight soon.

(via EFF /  Ars Technica / The Mercury News)

Overall Mood Meme for this week is…

(me reading what Snowden wrote about Malkia)

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